| Love-Perverse

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    Many intimate relationships in our society are based on perverse love. This love may have one or more of the following characteristics: Taking for granted the person who is lovingly available. Chasing the person who is indifferent and unavailable. Wanting independence from a lover, whilst at the same time wanting the highest commitment. After the honeymoon phase of relationship, not thinking that we are worthy enough to be loved, and therefore not fully allowing ourselves to be loved, as well as being less loving to our partner. Assuming that the love expressed by another is too good to be true. And therefore thinking that we had better withdraw before we get hurt and rejected, especially when they discover what we are really like. Being attracted to a lover that we think we can dominate. Being attracted to a lover that we think will dominate us. Being attracted to, and wanting to possess the person who most fills our emotional neediness, whilst thinking that this need is love. Believing that we are not able to love fully again because of past hurt. And therefore only being able to offer a reduced version of ourselves to any future lover. Creating games and…read more…