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Wiser Day on Earth fostering critical thinking

through a renaissance of the art of contemplation

as a means to increase mindful awareness in life…

Why a Wiser Day on Earth?

We believe the true meaning of life is found when coherent intelligence and empathy are at the core of humanity.

Our mission is to help create a mindful, wiser and kinder world through the art of contemplation.


Founder and author, Aaron John Beth’el believes that contemplation is a rational and enlightened response to the overload of information, confusion, stress and anxiety of modern life that can lead to reduced awareness and intelligence, as well as exploitation of nature and people, which ultimately results in a loss of our humanity and a meaningless life.

With an increased feeling of helplessness, anxiety and depression caused by the many injustices we witness and experience, it is important that we learn to stay grounded, and remain calm and respectful when interacting with others, as well as with ourselves.

Mindful awareness is often missing in the corporate, media and political realms. By implementing a daily routine that involves contemplative thought, you will be able to find wisdom, hope and inspiration to manage many challenges.

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Finding the true meaning of life to create, live and share a Wiser Day on Earth

About the Author

Founder and author Aaron John Beth'el

Aaron John Beth’el
Founder and Author

Welcome to Wiser Day on Earth for daily reflection!

I’ve been incredibly blessed with learning and experiencing various cultures, philosophies and practices from yoga, Chinese and alternative medicine, spiritual teachings and entrepreneurship, to homeschooling, care work and counselling.

Having lived in the UK, New Zealand and Australia and spent transformative times in India, I’ve realised that love, our most profound sense of being, was not what I thought it was, when I was younger.

Teachings from the School of Life in India

In 1984, I travelled to India for a year, mostly trekking through the Himalaya in the north, from Darjeeling in the east, through Nepal and into Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh in the west.

It was evident that the mountain people had a special, gracious quality, which I think came from living cradled by such awe-inspiring mountains all around them.

On one occasion, whilst staying in the Himalaya foothills at Anasakti Ashram in the village of Kausani (where Gandhi had stayed many years before), I met and befriended a retired Indian couple from Mumbai. Together, we walked through the mountains, and one day he asked me, “What is love?” I thought I knew the answer. After all, doesn’t everyone? In answering him, I realised I didn’t know, which at the time was a shock to me. The question thoroughly exposed my inability to answer it thoughtfully and wisely, and so I vowed to somehow find out.

Near the end of my visit to India, I sensed my father’s impending death. This powerful experience lasted all night, and I couldn’t sleep. I immediately called home the next morning, only to find out that my father had suffered a heart attack. He was expected to make a full recovery, so my mom told me that I didn’t need to return home. However, I flew back that day. Luckily, I got to see him before he died three days later.

Since my first visit to India, I have returned there a number of times. It always feels like coming home. In fact, at one time in Srinagar, Kashmir, I visited a place called Pari Mahal, or Palace of the Fairies, an ancient Mughal terraced garden, former residence, and site of a multi-faith library, but particularly a Sufi library of the Qadiri order. And it was there that I had a deeply moving, at times ecstatic, experience of having walked around the beautiful, cloistered pathways long before this life.

Love is undoubtedly the meeting point, the confluence, the force of convergence and coalescence, and therefore it is likely to be the most adored consciousness, of all of the impressions of infinite expression.

~ Aaron John Beth’el on ‘Love‘

From dream to contemplation

Not long after my father died in 1984, I had a life-changing, lucid dream. In this dream, an illumined teacher showed me how to think, using the art of observation and contemplation based on practical life experiences.

The next morning, I wrote my first contemplation. Since then it has become my customary practice to contemplate, based on whatever inspires me or pushes my buttons. As soon as I arrive at a core realisation, I begin writing. To date, I have written nearly 8000 contemplations.

Later I learned the art of bookbinding from a Master bookbinder, specialising in sixth century Benedictine style bindings. I went on to make as well as publish a number of hand made limited editions of my own written works, which always seemed to focus on “love” as a result of my friend’s question in Kausani, India.

In 2000, I published an artistically illuminated poster on love containing the core elements of what I had learned about love since 1984. Also in 2000, I had a book published of my contemplations by a publishing company in Melbourne. The book was translated and sold in half a dozen countries.

Other life influences

During my life, I have been deeply affected by Persian and Middle Eastern poetry and mystics, the English pre-raphaelites and romantic poets, American early 19th century transcendentalist philosophy movement, as well as American native wisdom, Buddhism, including Zen Buddhism, Taoism, and Sufism, Indian spiritual teachers, and the early Christian desert ascetics and later anchorites and mystics. I have also been blessed to experience a number of natural, mystical experiences of my own.

I’ve selected 4000 of the most inspiring contemplations to share with you here on Wiser Day on Earth, with more added nearly every day.

As a paid member, you can read all of them at your leisure.

Along with my trusted team, we have incorporated a voice recognition and dialogue feature so that you can listen to the contemplations while relaxing at home, driving, riding the train, before going to bed, in-between business meetings, etc.

If you’re not yet a member, view the sample contemplations to get a feel of how they can help guide you on a regular basis. Please note, the sample contemplations are short examples. In the paid section, some of them are a page or more long.

Read the author clarifications to further deepen your knowledge while reading each contemplation.
Ther is also a course on Learning how to Contemplate and enhance Critical Thinking. My personal wish is that when you become more familiar with contemplative process, you will start writing your own contemplations, inspired by your personal life experiences.

It is my belief that using contemplative thought as a daily contemplative practice, will help increase the mindful awareness of humanity, as more people will find the true meaning behind our life experiences.

With love for a Wiser Day on Earth
Aaron John Beth’el

Our deepest truth, appears to be that each of us (behind our earthly human appearance) are highly intelligent, compassionately aware beings, on a mission of love and truth, from the source or centre of the universe, through the centre of our being.

~ Aaron John Beth’el on ‘Mission‘

Giving back with gratitude

For us and our members, helping people without one of the basic human needs for survival is not only a right, but an obligation which is why we have decided to give 10% of your subscription to a charity that fights against homelessness.

The next step — which we’re currently taking — is to choose a valuable charity partner. Although homelessness is a global issue, there are many differences across borders.

Since we are located in Australia, we are interested in working with a local or regional partner. As soon as we have a viable collaboration set up, we’ll announce our decision and share information about how we will be working with our partner.

We’re looking forward to helping people find shelter and love, and without you, this wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you for your contribution.

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