About Wiser Day on Earth


Wiser Day on Earth is the result of many years of personal contemplation around what constitutes our daily experience.

I believe that contemplation is a rational and enlightened response to the overload of information, confusion, stress and anxiety of modern life that can result in reduced awareness and intelligence, as well as exploitation of nature and people, which ultimately results in a loss of our humanity and a meaningless life.

My hope is that you will derive great benefit from using these contemplations in your daily life as a source of wisdom, hope and inspiration. Furthermore 10% of your subscription will be donated to a charity that is working towards a wiser day on earth.

There are a number of User facilities available to deepen the use of these contemplations, including Author clarifications below….

with love for a Wiser Day on Earth

Aaron John Beth’el

Author clarifications

A little background…

Wiser Day on Earth contains more than 900 subjects in alphabetical order, with over 3700 contemplations.

The contemplations contained in Wiser Day on Earth were commenced in 1984 after the author had a life-changing, lucid dream, shortly after his Father’s passing, which led him to become self-taught in the art of contemplation. Since then he has written over 6000 contemplations.

Each month more contemplations will be added. However, when you become more familiar with the contemplations, you may want to start creating your own, from your own life experiences.

Wiser Day on Earth also has a voice recognition and dialogue feature.

You will be able to access Wiser Day on Earth whenever it is convenient to either read the written format, or to speak and listen with the voice dialogue.