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Wiser Day on Earth located at www.wiserdayonearth.com is committed to providing a positive experience for all Users and Subscribers to our website/app. We have endeavoured to write this in simple English, and for it to be something that you can actually read. However if you think we can improve our Terms of Use, please let us know. The following Terms of Use were updated on 04 November 2020.


If you disagree with any of these Terms of Use, please do not use wiserdayonearth.com

By accessing and using wiserdayonearth.com you accept and agree to the Terms of Use of this agreement.

In addition, when using wiserdayonearth.com you will be subject to any guidelines or rules applicable to the services of wiserdayonearth.com. All such guidelines or rules are included in the following Terms of Use.


As a subscriber to wiserdayonearth.com you accept and agree to abide by our Terms of Use as well as all applicable laws and regulations determined by the state and country where you reside, especially those regarding the transmission of data.

You agree to provide complete and accurate registration information and maintain accurate registration information on wiserdayonearth.com

Without limiting the previously stated Terms of Use, you will not:
1.1 Violate local, state, national, or other laws or regulations, or any order of a court.
1.2 Disclose sensitive or personal information or infringe the rights of any person or entity, including their intellectual property, privacy, publicity or contractual rights.
1.3 Interfere with or damage the services of wiserdayonearth.com or its Users or Subscribers, including through the use of malware, viruses, worms, spyware, adware, cancel bots, Trojan horses, harmful code, flood pings, denial-of-service attacks, packet or IP spoofing, phishing, forged routing or electronic mail address information or similar methods or technology. You are responsible for taking necessary precautions to protect yourself and your computer systems from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other harmful or destructive content.
1.4 Use automated scripts such as unwanted, unsolicited, or spam emails to collect information or otherwise interact with the services of wiserdayonearth.com
1.5 Enter into this agreement on behalf of another person or entity without consent or the legal capacity to make such agreements as a representative of an organisation or entity.
1.6 Attempt to gain unauthorised access to wiserdayonearth.com

In addition you agree and understand that wiserdayonearth.com may without prior notice, cancel your access if you fail to meet these criteria, or violate any portion of these Terms of Use. You also agree that your use of wiserdayonearth.com is non-exclusive and therefore limited.

So please use wiserdayonearth.com for the purposes for which it was designed.

wiserdayonearth.com and its components are offered as a particular view and source of information. wiserdayonearth.com shall not be responsible or liable for the accuracy, usefulness or availability of any information transmitted or made available via the website/app, and shall not be responsible or liable for any errors or omissions in that information. Furthermore, wiserdayonearth.com will not be held responsible or liable for any health or medical issues that may result from reading, watching or using the website/app.

wiserdayonearth.com is not directed to children. Access to and use of our services is only for those over the age of 13 (or 16 in the European Union). If you are younger than this, you may not register for, or use our services. Any person who registers as a user or provides their personal information to wiserdayonearth.com states that they are 13 years of age or older (or 16 years or older in the European Union).

Registration as a full Subscriber on wiserdayonearth.com only creates an agreement if a completed subscription form is sent to us, and the full payment is received, however all previously stated Terms of Use also apply if you are a free Subscriber. All prices are in US dollars, which can be paid monthly, or yearly which includes a discount for the year. Our prices are exclusive of sales tax or other Government charges. To ensure uninterrupted service, recurring paid services are renewed automatically. This means that unless you cancel a paid service before the end of the subscription period, it will automatically renew.
We may change our fees at any time, though we will give you advance notice of these changes.  You must cancel your paid service, if you don’t agree with the fee changes.

We will maintain a fair refund, cancellation, or adjustment policy.

Intellectual Property Rights

All content including code, text, software, scripts, graphics, files, photos, images, logos, and materials contained on wiserdayonearth.com are the sole property of wiserdayonearth.com or its suppliers of content, and you are not allowed to infringe any of those rights.

Unauthorised use of any materials contained on wiserdayonearth.com may mean that we shall legally prosecute those violations if we deem it to be in our interest.

If you believe intellectual property rights have been breached, please contact us through our email on the contact page.

wiserdayonearth.com is the sole proprietor of all intellectual property rights on the website/app including all written, audio and visual materials. The User or Subscriber is not permitted to record, reproduce, or disclose intellectual property without written permission from wiserdayonearth.com

If you want to use any of our content please make a request by contacting us through our email on the contact page.

Disclaimer of Warranty & Limit of Liability

wiserdayonearth.com is provided “as is” and “as available.” Its suppliers, officers, directors, employees, and agents disallow all representations and warranties, express or implied, related to wiserdayonearth.com or in connection with its services. wiserdayonearth.com is excluded from all liability for damages related to, or arising out of its use.
wiserdayonearth.com is not liable for any loss, whether financial or otherwise from use of its website/app. However, in those jurisdictions that do not allow such disclaimers, and if we are found to be liable, then our liability to you or any third party, is limited to $49.99 US dollars, which is the cost of a year’s subscription to wiserdayonearth.com

Use of wiserdayonearth.com is at your own acceptance and risk. We disallow all other warranties, or fitness for a particular purpose, as well as non-infringement by any means or methods. We cannot warrant that wiserdayonearth.com will constantly be available, accessible, or uninterrupted, as these things may be out of our control. Or that any issues or problems on wiserdayonearth.com will be corrected. wiserdayonearth.com cannot guarantee that data downloaded from the site or app will be free of viruses or other harmful wares.

To use wiserdayonearth.com you will need a good internet connection with up to date software and browser. We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome for PC’s, Mac desktops and laptops, as well as Android phones. And wiserdayonearth.com can also be accessed on iPads and iPhones by using Safari.


Wiserdayonearth.com will not be held responsible or liable under any circumstances for damages of any kind, whether direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential, arising out of our website/app, or your use of our website/app, even if notice is given of the potential or probability for damage.

Third Party Services

If you use third party services such as PayPal, please understand that wiserdayonearth.com is not responsible and has no control of PayPal’s Terms of Use and is therefore not liable. Your responsibility is to keep your details up to date with such third party services.

Force Majeure

wiserdayonearth.com is not obliged to fulfil any obligation, including any warranty obligation agreed upon between the parties, if a party is prevented from doing so due to a force majeure.

wiserdayonearth.com holds the right to cancel the agreement in the event of a force majeure. All subscriptions or services already used under the agreement, will be considered as equitably balanced, without either party owing anything to each other.

Governed by Laws of Australia

These Terms of Use and any dispute or claim arising out of, or related to them, shall be governed by, in accordance with the internal laws of New South Wales, Australia, without giving effect to any choice or conflict of law provision or rule. Any legal suit, action or proceeding arising out of, or related to, these Terms of Use or the website/app shall be instituted exclusively by the laws and courts of New South Wales, Australia.

Changes to Terms of Use

wiserdayonearth.com retains the right to, at any time, modify or discontinue, any or all parts of the website/app without notice.
Additionally, wiserdayonearth.com reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify these Terms of Use at any time, effective by posting new terms on the website/app with the date of modification.

You are responsible for reading and understanding the Terms of Use of this agreement prior to registering with, or using the service. Your use of wiserdayonearth.com and/or services after any such modification has been published, constitutes your acceptance of the new terms as modified in these Terms of Use.