Help + User Guide

A few tips:

  • Please use Safari for iPhone or iPad, and Google Chrome for all other devices.
  • You can quickly begin by looking at the Complete List of Contemplation Subjects in the green section at the footer of each page (with the number of contemplations listed for each subject). Or simply click on the total number of Subjects box on the right side of the page (which is near the bottom of the page on a smartphone). You can then click on one of those subjects. Or you can just type a subject in the search box.
  • You will notice that many subjects have more than one contemplation, whilst others just have one or two. If a subject has more than one contemplation, we suggest that you read all of the contemplations on that subject, in order to have a fuller appreciation for it. (Please note, that because there are nearly 1,000 subjects, this means that in any random set of contemplations, about a quarter of the results will probably be number one’s.)
  • Then try clicking on Voice Recognition, followed by clicking on the microphone until it turns blue. Start by asking Voice Recognition to play a Random Contemplation, by using the specific voice commands. Note, ask your command after the opening chimes finish.
  • You will notice that when the microphone is listening, the word, “Listening” appears below the microphone, and a blue halo expands and contracts around the microphone as you speak (which also expands and contracts when Voice Recognition speaks back to you). If you want to repeat a contemplation, simply click on the play arrow again. However, you may need to refresh the page if Voice Recognition becomes inactive.
  • Look at the other Voice Recognition commands to ask different questions. You will notice that some words are bold….those words can be changed to other subjects, and likewise bold numbers can be changed to other numbers.


  • Watching a screen whilst driving can lead to an accident. Please drive safely and obey the traffic regulations. For safe driving, we advise that you use the touch screen, or the Bluetooth Voice Recognition commands only when stopped, and before you begin to drive, for example by saying, “Play 10 random contemplations.” Please use caution at all times.
  • Please note that Voice Recognition commands have to be spoken precisely for them to be activated.

Using the search functions

Wiser Day on Earth uses an advanced search functionality which means it will display search results that also include the synonyms of your search term.

Examples of using the AND and NOT boolean operators

A search for “motivation NOT purpose” – returns all contemplations with the word “motivation” (and any synonyms) but shows no contemplations with the word “purpose”

A search for “motivation AND destiny” – returns all contemplations with both the words “motivation” and “destiny”. Please note it will also show any synonyms.


Use on Android devices

The best way to make use of Wiser Day on Earth on an Android device is to use the native Google Chrome web browser.

How to add a home screen short cut to Wiser Day on Earth using Google Chrome on an Android device


Access to your microphone

When you go to the voice recognition page for the first time on Wiser Day on Earth using Google Chrome on your Android device, you’ll be asked if the website can have access to your microphone. You need to say yes in order to use the voice recognition feature. If you accidentally deny the website access to your mic then don’t worry you can enable it by following these instructions from Google.


Ideas for Users

  • Start your day listening to Wiser Day on Earth for a great motivational beginning.
  • Access Wiser Day on Earth through your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.
  • Click on the Random Contemplations box at the right hand side of each page. After the contemplation has loaded, including the image, you can either read it, or press the box labelled, “Speak this to me.” You can find a new contemplation, by clicking on the Refresh Random Contemplation box.
  • Those contemplations you resonate with, can be added to your Favourites list, by clicking on the star to the right and above the full depiction of the contemplation. You can then look at your Favourite contemplations by clicking on the Favourites box at the right-hand side of each page, or alternatively you can use Voice Recognition commands to listen to your Favourite contemplations.
  • If you type a particular subject, then as well as the main subject appearing (if it is available) it will also show all contemplations containing that particular word. Synonyms of a subject may also appear in the results, whether typed or spoken, as there is an in-built Thesaurus in Wiser Day on Earth. Furthermore you can also ask the Voice Recognition to, “Play all contemplations containing, for example, “elements, peace, universe” or whatever you can think of. This can give an altogether different perspective to the contemplations that arise, when asking for a set number of Random Contemplations.
  • During the day if something inspires you, or perhaps pushes your buttons, or there is something that you are just curious about, or maybe you woke in an upset mood…you can search for that subject in Wiser Day on Earth. For example you could ask Voice Recognition to, “Play all contemplations containing the word Life.” Or for an emotion, such as depression, you could ask Voice Recognition to, “Play all contemplations on Depression.” Or to have an even greater insight, you could ask Voice Recognition to, “Play all contemplations containing the word Depression.”
  • The Solutions box is a collection of practical and inspiring contemplations that will help with existential or daily challenges, and to support becoming centred once again. They can also be accessed through Voice Recognition. Those contemplations you resonate with, can be added to your Favourites list by clicking on the star on the right and above the full depiction of the contemplation.
  • If you want to have an even deeper appreciation for a subject, then look at the main words in a particular contemplation, and search for those in Wiser Day on Earth too.
  • The contemplations in Wiser Day on Earth can be used in a large variety of settings. They can be used as a personal assistant for insights, or as a Counselling or Client reference, as well as used in meetings, or as a teaching or educational tool, and to begin a creative or brainstorming process, or as a discussion or debate primer, and so on.
  • New contemplations will be added regularly. They can be accessed by clicking on the New Contemplations box at the right hand side of each page.


  • If the microphone is not listening but is still blue, then please swipe or re-load the page, then press the microphone, and speak your command again.
  • If Voice recognition says, “No response” or any other statement saying it did not understand, just speak the command again after the chime.
  • If you use bluetooth in your car, then sometimes in poor reception areas, the voice may not activate, or it may start and stop. You may need to speak your request again, or re-load the page. Also reception may vary not only depending upon the area you are travelling through, but also if you are travelling at high speed.
  • If you see “Bad Request – Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.” then you will need to clear your browser cookies. For example, if you are using Chrome on an Android device and see this message,  The solution is to clear your cookies in Chrome.
  • For all other issues please contact us through the Contact button on the top right of the Home page.