Author Clarifications

Before you begin…

Let’s talk about God and Infinite Expression

The first clarification I want to speak about is that of God…..whether you believe in God, or you are an atheist, as well as all other shades of belief.

I believe that I have accommodated most, if not all views or beliefs, by using the term, “infinite expression” to describe the largely unknown forces of life and the universe.

Undoubtedly we are surrounded by boundless, creative, largely coherent forces, both on and off the earth.

And therefore if you believe in either Creationism or Evolution, then hopefully we can agree, that we are indeed beholders of a microcosmic, as well as a macrocosmic environment, that is infinitely expressive.

Let’s talk about Emotions and Feelings

The second clarification involves emotions and feelings.

Many years ago when I first began writing contemplations, I had a profound insight about emotions and feelings, when I realised that I had some contemplations listed under Emotions, and other contemplations listed under Feelings.

I questioned why I had listed some under one title, and others under the other title.

In the contemplative process that followed, I realised that there is a huge difference between Emotions and Feelings, which if we do not come to realise, will likely impact our lives in a detrimental manner.

I urge everyone to please read through my comprehensive article below on The Difference between Emotions & Feelings, as well as the contemplations on Emotions and Feelings.

I believe that this understanding is fundamental for humanity, in terms of the unfolding of our awareness.

Aaron John Beth’el

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