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What are contemplations?

In a state of contemplation, you are fully present, with your mind, body and soul.

You can achieve this state through meditation or prayer, but also in deep contemplative presence with your heart wide open, and your pen in hand.

While in this state, over a long period of time, author Aaron John Beth’el wrote down thousands of contemplations to experience a Wiser Day on Earth.

All accessible via our website.

Often used as a daily practice, contemplation can help you to find a deeper connection with yourself and your environment.

Contemplations help you:

Empowering a Wiser Day on Earth

Find rational and enlightened responses to the overload of information, confusion, stress and anxiety of modern life.

The beauty of a Wiser Day on Earth

Experience an increase in awareness and intelligence while unraveling the most profound depths of truth, love and beauty.

Thinking about a Wiser Day on Earth

Create a more mindful way of thinking about life and the issues with which we are confronted, both personally and globally.

When we act from our heart, there is an awakening, a remembrance, and an invitation to love.

When we act from our true nature, there is only love.

~ Aaron John Beth’el on ‘Action‘

Discover a Wiser Day on Earth

The Wiser Day on Earth App is a personal life assistant which offers almost 4,000 contemplations on more than 950 subjects ranging from Above and Beyond to Zest.

Each month, we’ll add more contemplations and subjects written by Aaron John Beth’el.

How you can use contemplations:

  • Choose a fitting subject and begin reading each contemplation, one at a time to fully process the information.
  • Read a random collection, i.e. of the newest releases, to see which ones resonate.
  • Take notes on those you want to expand on.
  • Incorporate them in your daily reflections reading routine.
  • Learn the art of writing your own contemplations by rewriting these to reflect your own experiences.
  • Allow one contemplation guide you throughout the day.
  • Turn on voice recognition to listen to a list of related or random contemplations, one after the other.
  • Meditate on a contemplation to dig deeper into your own thoughts.

How you want to use these contemplations is solely up to you.

There are no rules in discovering the art of contemplation.

Make this practice your own.

Enjoy these contemplations below

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