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Emotions, both those we label positive, as well as negative, I believe are generated from the stored unresolved turmoil of the subconscious ego, or from negative conditioned thought, largely around unacknowledged issues of power and control. For the most part, emotions occur because of a semi-conscious, though chosen, often repetitive, negative mindset. Many would agree that such conditioning does apply to negative emotions, but not to so-called positive emotions. However, I claim that emotions and feelings are very different states, and that so-called positive emotions are always transient, for they arise from the ego expectation that things are going in our favour, but things change, and positive emotions usually become dashed. This view of emotions, and the differentiation I place on feelings, may cause some readers to have an emotional response. Please read the entire contemplations section on emotions, with as clear and open a mind as possible. Also at the bottom of the page in the green section, under, About Wiser Day on Earth, there is a comprehensive study titled, The Difference between Emotions and Feelings. There is also a full listing on, The Definitions of Emotions.

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