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    Today on Earth, over 380,000 people were born. Whilst a total of 155,000 people died, including 50,000 who died of cardiovascular disease, 30,000 who died of hunger, 20,000 who died of cancer, 3,500 who died in traffic accidents, 2,000 committed suicide, and 1000 were murdered. Today, one hundred and fifty million land animals were slaughtered for food, which is nearly 5000 per second. It has also been estimated that up to 2.7 trillion wild fish are caught each year, meaning that tens of billions of fish were caught today, including a large percentage of by-catch. Today, over 86,000 acres of forest were destroyed, or 1 acre per second. Today, 800 million people did not have clean, safe water supplies, whilst nearly 2.5 billion lacked basic sanitation. Today, around 300 million people in the world had depression, and another 300 million had anxiety. Today, over 160 million people were homeless, and nearly 1.6 billion had inadequate housing. Today, around 200 million people had sex, or about 10 million an hour. And 115,000 people were married. Today, 3.5 billion people worked, but over 250 million were unemployed. And today, between 200 to 500 million meditated. Overall, it is evident that there is…read more…