| Orthodoxy

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    The opinions, judgments, values and morals we hold, are largely measured against a societal standard. This standard is different all over the world according to the kind of society we live in, for example the standards in Hollywood are different to those in Kabul. These standards are passed on to each succeeding generation, through conditioning, both overtly and subconsciously. The closer we are aligned to these standards, the more we are considered acceptable, whilst the further removed we are, the more we are considered a rebel. However when these standards are examined, they often reflect the control, and the fear of losing control of the particular society over its members. And therefore, we are all to a greater or lesser extent, consciously or subconsciously controlled by the fear of society losing control over us. Furthermore, these societal standards, which we instinctively measure, are measured against nameless and faceless people, and are often referred to as, “they.” However, for the most part, “they” exist as a conditioned, generalised bogeyman in our imagination. From a greater perspective, these standards are seen to be largely arbitrary.