| Open-Minded

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    Being truly open-minded, is having the capacity or potential, to allow a new idea or perspective to enter our understanding, without believing that our current world-view or self-view is being threatened by another. Whilst such closed minded views exist across the spectrum of society, in many societies, it can cause the most divisiveness between those in the expert, bureaucratic or professional sectors, and those who are not. Unfortunately, many of those who have a vested or professional interest in maintaining the status quo, believe that being directly or explicitly questioned by another from outside of their status, by someone speaking with an open-mind, denies truth, when plainly the opposite is true. In reality, it is box-like thinking, as well as closed-mindedness from professionals, bureaucrats and experts not willing to look, listen, research or investigate, that can deny truth. Fundamentally we need to realise that truth is not denied or destroyed by being open-minded.