| Nine at Nine

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    During many hundreds if not thousands of years, humanity has been told and been conditioned by various so-called authorities, to believe that we are sinful, warfaring, self-centred, greedy, and so on. And although we have largely come to believe these authorities, this is not the truth. Such a negative view is not borne out by ancient tribal teachings, modern scientific enquiry, or even our own everyday observations that look beyond routines and daily stresses. Rather, it can be seen that ultimately, all humanity, all life, and all things, are deeply connected. If we truly begin to recognise our connection, then the earth will become a planet of (h)eart(h) once again. And those coercive, demeaning authorities will lose their control. Perhaps we could begin to reconnect at 9am and 9pm each day, with a 9 minute (or 10 minute or so) prayer-meditation, that radiates our love to all humanity, to all creatures, and to the earth itself. (Please see contemplations on Separation 4, Media 2 and all contemplations on Consciousness).