| Inward-Bound

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    We have been designed to take in our environment. For example we breathe in life-sustaining oxygen. We eat and drink life sustaining food and liquids. We taste a myriad of tastes. We look and take in the beautiful colours and shapes of nature, as well as the human made environment about us. We listen to the sounds of our surroundings, to the harmony of music as well as to our own thoughts. We feel a myriad of textures against our body, and we also feel more subtle sensations within, from pain to pleasure as well as to intuitive feelings. And we smell multiple fragrances that both warn as well as uplift us. If we consider all of these facets and their largely inward direction, then we can say to all intents and purposes that a human being is a sensitively attuned, sensory-receiver of the exuberant bounty of life. Furthermore, when we assimilate any of these facets of life with awareness, whether air, food, sounds, colours and so on, we realise that there is an innate principle of pleasure attached to nearly all sensory inputs, particularly those that have a natural origin. And we may even at times experience a bodily,…read more…



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