| Doublespeak

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    The use of doublespeak is fundamentally a grab for power, and it is often a heinous crime against humanity. When so-called doublespeak, mediaspeak or policyspeak words are used, they inherently cause a lack of consciousness in listeners, regarding the reality of a situation or experience. The most dangerous doublespeak terms are those associated with the military. For example, enhanced interrogation (which is really about the use of torture); or ethnic cleansing (which is really the murder of members of a particular ethnic group); or collateral damage (which is really the accidental murder of civilians by the military); or pre-emptive strike (which is really an unprovoked attack); or extra-judicial killing (which is really about the assassination of someone); or mission critical (which prioritises an event rather than people). Such words remove the actual experience from our direct knowledge or involvement, to one of a statistical or impersonal event, that intentionally creates ignorance and a lack of awareness in the public audience.