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| True Nature 1

Our true nature is something that many of us have a profound experience of at some point in our life. Our true nature appears to be above and beyond our limited manifestation of ego and personality. It is a noble, deep presence, that intimately knows us, as well as our life’s lessons, particularly those lessons around love and truth, which are often highlighted or made more evident in our lives, and therefore our true nature appears to be aligned with the observer soul. When we first experience our true nature, it may occur through an initiating, and sometimes transcendental experience of some kind such as meditation, mindfulness, deja vu, lucid dreaming, telepathy, intuition, coincidence, premonition, or even an out of body experience, all of which indicate that we can experience a sense of awareness above and beyond our individual ego. Essentially our true nature occurs when we are most coherent, most connected, and most aware. It is our highest expression of a greathearted, noble state.

© Aaron John Beth’el

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