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One day whilst meeting with a friend, I noticed that he had a shiny mountaineer’s carabineer upon which he attached his household keys. I casually mentioned to him that if it somehow came into someone’s possession 500 years ago, it would have been considered a miraculous device. And similarly if it came into someone’s possession 500 years from now, it would be treasured as an antique from the 21st century.
But today it is considered ordinary.
Yet the only difference between 500 years past or 500 years into the future is how it is perceived and treasured.
In other words the “treasuring” aspect increases our ability to perceive it as valuable.
Today, how much do we treasure the seeming ordinary in our lives?
In 500 years or less someone else may look upon our perceived ordinary things as valued treasure.
The same of course can also be said for all things animate that surround us, such as plants, animals, nature, people and those we love.
Our ability to treasure is also our ability to love and to be happy with.

© Aaron John Beth’el

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