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| Transformation 1

The ego sense of selfhood we spend most of our lives in, would probably blow a fuse if it was to suddenly experience an all-encompassing, planetary level of conscious awareness. This could be compared to how we might imagine the brain of a goldfish suddenly being infused with the consciousness of a human being. The larger, beyond ego experiences that many of us experience in life such as deja vu, lucid dreaming, telepathy, intuition, coincidence, premonition, or even out of body experiences, suggests that the conscious awareness of human beings is probably stepped down for life on earth, rather like electrical voltage is stepped down through transformers for domestic consumption in the home. Transformers to step up or down our consciousness are both within and around us on earth…whether transformers of a negative nature, or alternately those transformers that uplift us such as Truth, non-attachment, genuine love, and mindfulness. Obviously if we were a more aware being before we incarnated, then to step down our level of consciousness in order to come here would mean that we did so as a conscious choice. We can only speculate that this choice was made for reasons of deepening or increasing our level of conscious awareness in some manner, whether for ourselves, others, or collectively for the consciousness of humanity.

© Aaron John Beth’el

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