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We live in an increasingly fast paced society. However, if we examine this fast pace, we realise that it has a tendency to increase self-centred, ego responses along with stress to ourselves, and in our overall attitude to life. Rushing around can make us impatient, which leads to frustration, being reactive and angry. A fast mind can easily lead to such states as anxiety, confusion, control issues, being overly competitive, worry, overwhelm, stress, lack of patience, frustration and anger. Whilst a fast or overworked body leads to burnout, adrenal fatigue, heart attack and other heart disease, premature ageing, nervous exhaustion and so on. The antidote to a fast pace is clearly on the other end of the spectrum, where we slow down and thereby largely lose our ego through such things as meditation, Tai-chi, yoga, contemplatively experiencing nature, mindfulness, and mindful artistic and creative pursuits.

© Aaron John Beth’el

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