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| Shadow 1

In many people’s minds the concept of the shadow in human psychology, largely revolves around the repression of our dark side, the unknown, or the negative into the subconscious or unconscious mind. However, the repression of Humanity’s sublime, of the transcendental, of the sacred and the spiritual, of inspired harmony, benevolence, beauty and creativity, of noble mindedness, and of the exalted awareness and presence of our true nature, is I believe, a far deeper repression, that has more serious consequences. For many thousands of years Humanity has been told, primarily by those in authority, that we are sinful, wicked, warfaring, evil and so on, and yet such a doctrine with its associated conditioning and propaganda has not worked well, or at best has worked painfully and slowly. However, if we were truly aware of our sublime nature, then many, if not all of our human, environmental and planetary issues would be faced with awareness rather than ignorantly or selfishly avoided.

© Aaron John Beth’el

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