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The internalised sense we have of our self, which if observed when alone, or particularly during the evening in bed, is largely confined to the sense perceptions of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. It is as if, our sense of self lives in a confined house of consciousness, receiving localised sensory inputs through particular windows of experience, which are then gathered into a centralised receiving room, where they generally mingle with either reactive or creative thought. It is a room that we automatically return to, time and time again, where we habitually experience our own mental and emotional proclivities. But what if there were other rooms? Rooms with far greater consciousness and levels of awareness? Occasionally we may experience space-time shifts in consciousness, through transcendental, blissful, or ecstatic experiences. We then realise that we are far greater than our usual consciousness, living in a small, isolated, sensory thought room, experiencing a localised world-view.
Generally we do not know or realise that we live our lives from such a confined space, but just knowing this, may perhaps result in our exploring new perspectives, and beginning a journey towards some form of liberation and greater awareness.

© Aaron John Beth’el

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