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| Psychological First Aid 1

The following is a three-minute contemplative meditation. It releases obsessive thoughts and negative emotions, in order to return to one’s senses, and their present evidence. This is initially best learned in a calm state, during a time of rest, and not whilst driving or using machinery.

1. Begin with eyes closed, and focus on the sense of smell, by taking a silent, deep breath through the nose. Continue to breathe for 20 to 30 seconds, remaining unattached to labelling the particular finding. The same goes for all of the following steps.

2. Then focus on the sense of taste.

3. Followed by focusing on touch, by scanning the entire body from bottom to top, including the pressure of things impacting one’s body, as well as noticing heat, breezes, and so on.

4. Then open one’s eyes, and look for an object that is fairly close and straight ahead (between 1m to 10m away). Look softly beyond it, so that it is out of focus, whilst including its surroundings. Afterwards close one’s eyes.

5. Then focus on hearing by conducting a 360° scan circling from ear to ear, including near as well as distant sounds.

6. Then take three silent, deep breaths, followed by asking, if one has any obsessive thoughts occurring? Then take another deep breath followed by asking, if one has any negative emotions occurring? If there are any obsessive thoughts or negative emotions, repeat the entire procedure until they no longer appear.

7. Finally, you will notice a certain stillness…. you have Returned to Presence, (the presence of loving mindfulness) which naturally radiates and connects us to the environment. If time permits, enjoy this presence during the next few minutes.

If symptoms of obsessive thoughts and negative emotions continue to persist, please see a Counsellor.

© Aaron John Beth’el

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