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Above and beyond the absurdity of completely right versus completely wrong, competing, tribal political views with their media endorsers, that habitually and fiercely follow one political party, including a forthright leader over another, or of identity politics, is the unvarnished, coherent, yet non-aligned truth. The truth is much more applicable than any political bias, opinionated views, vested interests, or of any limiting mainstream, orthodox, fundamental, or radical ideologies, based on such things as race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, class, occupation, education, and so on. The truth must be allowed its overarching position, no matter who or what tribal, warring factions, or fundamentalist beliefs and ideas campaigning for left, right, or centre, hold. When we deeply examine all of this, we may come to the realisation that it is a never-ending local and global theatre for the masses, which continually divides humanity, promoting opinions disguised as facts, rather than having aware and conscious appraisal. Ideally, shouldn’t politics strive to uphold humanitarian values for all, including a humane consideration towards the environment we all inhabit? (Please see contemplations on Political Correctness and Opinion).

© Aaron John Beth’el

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