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| Political Correctness 1

Western societies in particular are currently experiencing the beliefs and philosophies of Postmodernism, Posthumanism, and the continuing rise of political correctness and extreme social justice ideologies. However, through such beliefs and philosophies, we are disregarding the ancient, coherent principles of truth, upon which nature and humanity operate (which includes the main sources of gaining knowledge for human beings, namely observation and coherent reasoning). Furthermore, believing that there is only relativism or interpretations of truth (which can often include contradictions, such as the relative can be considered more truthful, or in other words, actually more firm or certain rather than relative), as well as that free speech should be curtailed, in order to promote equality and remove victimhood, is all likely to be endangering the foundations of knowledge and awareness, as well as deluding ourselves, others and possibly society at large.

© Aaron John Beth’el

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