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| Personae 1

We all appear to live with a variety of personae, and we can get to choose which ones we want to play with each day. To some we are wise, to others we are a clown, to some we are domineering, others submissive, a lover, an enemy, a friend, a student, a teacher, a father, a mother, a child and so on. Some relationships flow while others appear blocked. When we interact with another, a persona is largely formed by those elements in the subconscious that require to be brought to consciousness  through a process of reciprocal projection and reflection. Different personae raise different elements from the subconscious. When one persona meets another persona fully, there is a flow. If not fully met, there is awkwardness and possibly an obstruction. However, once we begin to see that our personae are not our true nature, we can begin to live more in the truth, regardless of the changing states of personae.

¬© Aaron John Beth’el

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