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| Paradise 1

To live with love foremost, and with wonder and joyful gratitude for every aspect of life, would be to exist in a sublime paradise. Though many would probably call it extremely naive and ask, “What about the pain and suffering in the world?”
However, each of us can only live in the space of the moment, whether subconsciously or consciously. And trusting in some way, in the design and purpose of the infinite expression of life, which for most of us, is unknown. For who amongst us really knows the modus operandi of life on earth? Therefore, with each moment that we surrender our dabbling in life, we regain the peace of our own innocence, and we may reap a moment in paradise.
At some moment, with the increasing of consciousness, and with the realisation of our true nature, all ignorance, all inhumanity, savagery and despoliation may hopefully fail to satisfy our unconscious, small-minded motivation. And the paradise that has always been here, will become evident to us all.

© Aaron John Beth’el

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