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There can often be a tendency to look for a panacea for our problems. However if we look at life, and of our own lives, we may see that all things are connected in complex unified systems. No atom or molecule exists independently, and neither do human beings. Single isolated substances are often more disharmonious to human health or to the environment, than the complexes they are taken from. This would explain why single isolated poisonous substances, single drugs, or single chemicals can often be deleterious. So what may appear to be a panacea, is likely to be already part of a complexity, that happens to be present, either in our environment or in ourselves. If we are looking for a panacea we may help the process, if we look from a more systems oriented perspective. For example, if we are looking for a human panacea for particular ailments, we probably need to look at the interaction of the physical, mental, emotional, feeling, and spiritual realms.

© Aaron John Beth’el

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