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If we regard the internal, human state of neutral as being healthy, calm, peaceful, open, non-opinionated, non-reactive, and honourable, then deep down we know how to respond to others and to life with a healthy equanimity. However, if we are overly sensitive, emotional, stressed, prejudiced, intoxicated in any way, overly passionate, liable to project onto others, or already set to be reactive from previous situations and so on, then rather than starting from neutral or zero on a scale of one to ten, we will be starting higher up the scale, and will therefore be more prone to reactive and exaggerated responses. On the other hand, if we have an agenda, we may start with either a minus or a higher number, depending on our bias or inclination. The obvious remedy is for us to return to neutral, and to the state of our true nature. (Please see contemplations on True Nature).

© Aaron John Beth’el

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