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| Loss Of Centre 1

At any time we lose our centre, or our balanced way of being (which primarily occurs in our ego relationship with the egos of others) we are moving into the uncertain and unsettling no-man’s land of ego, which has no firm foundation in which to be. The ego can entice us (with an accompanying memory loss of our true nature) and hoist us out of our centre with vanity, false pride and arrogance. Or it can devalue and lower us from our centre (again by not knowing or forgetting our true nature) with condemnation, rejection and low self-worth. We help regain our centre by such things as radiating our love; living in the present; breathing consciously; meditating; being and acting mindfully in stillness, slowness and gentleness; serving others; cultivating happiness, wonder and joy for no reason; and remembering our true nature.

© Aaron John Beth’el

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