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| Joy 1

Joy cannot be enclosed within the finite ego; it seems to radiantly overflow. And neither perhaps can earth contain it, or sky, or stars. Joy appears to be infinite, yet it is either visible or mysteriously veiled, so it may not always be apparent, and largely depends upon the beholders perspective. Joy is perhaps the most present state of the present. Joy calls to us, for it wants us to live with a sparkling spirit. Deeply we somehow know that such ineffable joy exists. Accordingly, joy points beyond all worldly affairs, for sooner or later, all worldly affairs fail to live up to the desire we have, of seeking joyful happiness from within them.

How then do we reach such joy? If joy is within as well as without, it is surely available. If joy is everywhere, then it is a prime; a prime essence and fabric of the universe. Yet much of humanity live to a great extent without it. Perhaps we are not truly seeing what is before us, or knowing what is truly within us. Perhaps we are simply not considering, or choosing to see, or to know an ultimate truth.

© Aaron John Beth’el

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