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We live in a sensory sea of data…some of it forming long chains of in-form, information, which is harmonious and largely evident in the timeless natural world. Whilst other sensory data is in short chain, out of form, formation, and is therefore more likely to be haphazard, and tending to be inharmonious, originating in recent times as well as largely human made. When we are in a natural environment we can feel the soothing harmony of long chain, ancient, settled information. Whilst in a man-made environment, such as in a busy city, we can sense the chaos, and experience the stress of short chain information. If we immediately respond to short chain information, we may find ourselves jumping through lots of hoops, and consequently living stressfully from one situation to the next, as we constantly adjust our direction. However if we can bring to awareness our innate, ancestral, in-built tendency towards living with long chain information, we may develop a larger overview, and we will then be more able to respond less stressfully, without having to jump through so many hoops. (Please see contemplations on Coherence).

© Aaron John Beth’el

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