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| Hunger 1

At times of hunger, we usually try to fulfil it with something that we think will give us satisfaction. However we are often hungry for something much deeper, which a more surface fare cannot satiate. For example many of us will eat, yet not that we are necessarily hungry, but to try and satisfy a deeper, unexamined hunger. Often after we have eaten and eaten, and sometimes until we are sick, the hunger remains. We need to ask ourselves what is this hunger really saying; from where does it arise; and what does it want? Such hunger is usually indicating a lack of union, as well as wanting some sort of communion, or in other words, a wanting for love. Unfortunately, the thought of this love is often projected outside of ourselves to another person, or to some thing, with the hope that they, or it, will provide this love, and so our hunger will usually continue unrequited, and we keep eating. However if we enter our own heart in the present, our love is present also.

© Aaron John Beth’el

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