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| Human Blueprint 1

To look at the design of a human being from the highest, most evolved perspective, is to see human beings from a much more enlightened viewpoint. We notice that our feet have their foundation upon the earth. That our legs enable us to walk tall. Our genitals allow us to create connection, ecstasy and life. Whilst our stomachs digest the fruits of the earth, along with our earthly experiences. Our arms allow us to lovingly embrace. Our hands to choose, create and caress. Our ears listen to the messages of others, as well as to the life about us. And our eyes mostly see the grandeur, magnificence, beauty and wonder of nature and of all of its offerings. Whilst our lips can kiss and caress another with our love. Our voice can convey our thoughts and words. And our hearts can feel it all, and transcendentally burst beyond, into the boundless.

© Aaron John Beth’el

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