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| Hologram 1

If everything in existence at one point was of one totality, and still contains the blueprint or energetic forces of that total unity, then whatever occurs in life or outside of life, will show leanings indicative of oneness. When we let go of the idea of separateness, we are more able to see the synchronicity of the seemingly separate acts and parts of existence, attempting to foster unity once again. This unity will more likely be seen and experienced on levels above the physical, such as on the mental, feeling, and spiritual levels. From the holographic view of life, each seemingly separate part has the potential of the whole, to foster oneness and unity. The energy of love as well as its concomitants, appears to be the only energy discovered on earth so far, that has the bonding ability to unite all on earth, and perhaps to also unite with the holographic universe.

© Aaron John Beth’el

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