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| Guarantee 1

We may wish, or like to believe that there are guarantees in life, and thereby attempt to secure certain guarantees, such as financial security through living prudently, or by amassing money and possessions in whatever way we can, or even through living a faithful, or holy life on earth, and therefore seeking a heavenly security. Yet no matter how we live, eventually we may realise that there are no guarantees to living a life on earth. In all areas of endeavour, both sectarian and non-sectarian, there are unsuccessful and even grim realities to be found. However, if there was a fail-safe doctrine to living a guaranteed life on earth, then in large part, there would be little or no meaningful rationale to living on earth, with the necessary learning and evolved awareness or self-determination from living a consciously independent life. (Please see contemplations on Insecurity, Security, and Worry).

© Aaron John Beth’el

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