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We can only live with a sense of entitlement, by inflating our ego in some manner. Many of those who live with such a sense of entitlement indicate their entitled state to others around them by wearing expensive clothes, the latest fashions, luxury brands, cosmetics, jewellery and so on. Whilst some indicate entitlement through wearing uniforms, or stating their title or profession. When we live entitled, we expect others to quickly concur with our views and expectations, though on the other hand, we may simply ignore others whilst we push our own agenda around wanting the very best quality and service. However the ultimate truth is that no human being can claim the entitlement of being above any other human being. Without money, power, status, or the possession of luxury brands and so on, how can we prove our entitlement? If we continue to live with a sense of entitlement, then we are slowly cutting ourselves off from humanity as we become more ego-centred and selfish, whilst having less and less ability to truly and heartfully connect with other human beings.

© Aaron John Beth’el

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