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We are not being educated, if we are commanded, coerced, shamed or intimidated as a learner, and then compelled to remember, or to artificially regurgitate information at set times, such as during tests and exams. Rather, we are in fact being force-fed information, with the hope that it will stick in our minds. Or in other words, our minds are being structured in order to be conditioned. However the mind appears to be arranged in order to learn optimally from being consciously focused on largely practical life experiences that interests it. And to do this well, the mind requires a more free-flowing capability, rather than be forced upon with an overly set thinking style. Essentially, the mind wants to remain adaptable. Cicero said, “As you have sown, so shall you reap.” And therefore what is primarily and fundamentally sown in our minds as children and young adults, will predispose what we believe in, as well as influence what we ourselves add later, and will also determine what we reap in life. (Please see contemplations on Conditioning, Learning, Teacher, and Teaching).

© Aaron John Beth’el

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