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| Dimensions Of Thinking 1

There are many dimensional layers of thinking and perception about someone or something, together with the ensuing understanding that each layer of perception engenders. The first two dimensional layers, though commonly used, tend to promote a lack of awareness and ignorance.
The first layer or dimension of perception about someone or something can often be judgmental, which is based on how we see or hear them, along with our beliefs and bias, or even the belief and bias of someone else we listen to, rather than based on an actual communication with them.
The second dimensional layer of perception may involve communication with another, but it could be a closed-minded communication, as we look to confirm our beliefs and bias.
The third dimensional layer of perception begins with starting to open to another, relaxing our guard, and giving them the benefit of our doubt.
The fourth dimensional layer of perception allows the development of trust, as we freely exchange ideas and banter with the other.
The fifth dimensional layer of perception opens a creative, free-flowing dialogue based on mutual love.
When we dialogue from the third to the fifth dimensional layers of perception, we find that with just about anyone, we can discover truth, trust and love. (Please see contemplations on Beliefs, Perception and Thought).
© Aaron John Beth’el

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