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By only taking into account the immediate environment around us, without knowing of anything further afield, including history or books, science, technology and so on, we would only be able to base our actual knowing upon firsthand perceptions and experiences. In other words, much of our present day knowledge, beliefs, philosophy and so on, would not exist. We would not know of historical figures who were instrumental in founding religions, or of discovery and invention in the sciences, medicine, engineering, psychology, or of other languages, mathematics, the arts and so on.
Therefore we would not know of a Christian, Muslim, Jewish or any other kind of Creator God, including any pantheon of gods such as in Hinduism. And we would only be able to learn about life from our environment, and of the waxing and waning of life force within and around us, as well as our profound interconnection with it all.
Consequently it appears, that if we were to experience any kind of original and unique connection to a Creator or a God, then we would need to focus on a more primordial perception of ourselves, others, and of our environment. We would not be able to rely upon the assumed veracity of historical figures, books and learned intellectual knowledge.
Indeed, from the primordial perspective of life, our highest learning would be to seek the greatest coherence with our environment (as have many of earth’s indigenous people), as well as coherence with other human beings, whilst seeking coherence within ourselves.
In other words there are three fundamental strands of life for us to learn and be mindful of, whilst living upon earth. (Please see contemplations on God).

© Aaron John Beth’el

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