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| Conformity 1

For the most part, we agree to conform to what is expected of us, because of a deep fear of rejection, loneliness, as well as the need to be accepted. We acquiesce our uniqueness and autonomy, by playing a role that we are groomed for, and to which we continue to groom ourselves, with the hope of gaining ever-greater credence. Every vocation becomes a role to play, as do states of mind, such as shyness, cynicism, humour, niceness, intellectualism, depression, domination, self-righteousness, worry and so on. Families, societies and even nations are coerced by role-playing conformity. All of this largely arises from a lack of gnosis, which in turn generates the isolation that seeks security and resolution in compliance, self-satisfaction or conformity. (Please see contemplations on Compliance and Conditioning).

© Aaron John Beth’el

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