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| Compliance 1

It is important for each of us to examine those things in life that we really believe we have to do. Things like habits, beliefs, or people such as authority figures, that we absolutely need to follow, in order to avoid being a bad person, or because something bad may happen. Yet if we don’t question such things, we are allowing ourselves to live with, and actually be programmed by, a conditioned mindset. Moreover, there can also be the fear that others, or even god may disapprove of us, if we don’t obediently do these things. This undoubtedly proves, that we have been conditioned to be compliant, to conform, and to obey. It also indicates how we have been conditioned by social, educational, religious, family, peer group and media pressures to compliantly, and unthinkingly, give our consent to the prevailing orthodoxy, whilst remaining psychologically asleep. (Please see contemplations on Conformity and Conditioning).

© Aaron John Beth’el

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