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| Attention Span 1

It has been scientifically verified that human attention span is only a matter of seconds. Yet imagine if our attention span was unlimited, perhaps every human being would, in a matter of a few hours, days or weeks, be able to focus on the meaning of existence and become enlightened. Therefore the question needs to be asked, “Why is our attention span so limited?” And additionally, “Why is it that only with disciplined practices such as meditation, can attention be prolonged?”
Perhaps, from a scientific point of view, attention span is short, so that we are not overwhelmed with keeping vast amounts of information in the forefront of our consciousness. Or from a creative spiritual viewpoint, that we do not want to become enlightened too quickly, so that we experience a form of spiritual ignorance for much, if not most of our time whilst on earth. If this is so, then surely there is likely to be an enlightened reason for it.

© Aaron John Beth’el

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