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Computer or machine intelligence is based on the cold logic of information-retrieval and statistical probability. However, this intelligence/logic is inherently not intelligence or logic at all, because only processing rather than true reasoning occurs. Therefore cold logic, which could better be described as make-believe intelligence, is far removed from sentient life intelligence, and at best it can only mimic human intelligence.
Such synthetic, machine-like logic does not have a life-based, aware, human consciousness or conscience, and neither does it have subconscious intelligence. Human intelligence is experiential, co-extensive, holistic, and can be all-encompassing.
Essentially, the products of AI will never be alive, no matter how sophisticated or complex the machines or algorithms become.
When we look at human proclivities, we see that historically the majority of people have lived with an in-built impetus towards wanting to experience (beyond the satisfaction of safety and survival needs). This experience is predominantly focused upon things like intimacy, being cared for and caring, reasoning, learning, awareness, beauty, and wonder, rather than following destructive urges. If this were not so, then humanity would not have survived this long.
Furthermore, it seems that we live in a universe that is likewise seeking the greatest possible harmonising coherence. But it appears that if true coherence is not reached, then destruction occurs.
Currently the AI we have now, or the AI projected to be created in the future, does not appear to fulfil universal criteria with regards to creating coherent and enlightened awareness from life. In other words, ultimately AI is not universally coherent.
Moreover, if the infinite expression of the universe wanted to create an AI, machine-like universe, then I believe it would have been far easier to create such a universe, than the infinitely complex universe we have now. But such a machine-like universe would not be alive….it would be a mere construct, a fabrication.
At this moment in time we are at a crossroads with regards to how we choose our future. I believe we need to choose Life.
The truth is, is that the universe we inhabit is not AI, rather it is Infinite Expression, or IE, which is created and witnessed by infinite cohering aspects of life.

© Aaron John Beth’el

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