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| Agnosticism 1

I believe it is important not to be swayed or conditioned by dogma, and to be able to observe and think freely and independently for ourselves. I believe it is part of our human inheritance and purpose that we have such freedom. I base my beliefs on observing the vast coherence of life, nature and the universe. From such observations it seems to me, that an innate intelligence issues from a primary cause, that goes beyond mere chance combinations of elements, as being the sole cause of life. I also believe that although primary cause cannot at this point in our evolution be known, that this primary intelligence can be somewhat semi-known, through its ongoing blueprint or design. Such examples are evident in its function, usage, and other principles of operation, as well as its apparent purpose and intent, much of which appears to be benign. Consequently my own position on this subject is that of what I term, an optimistic-agnostic.

© Aaron John Beth’el

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