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In nature’s pre-civilisation environment, certain elements or features were naturally accentuated or given prominence. Those elements and features assisted in survival for human beings, and generally pointed towards a more coherent way to live. Such elements and features included the sun and moon, light and dark, fire, shelter, animals, birds, fish, water, flowers, fruits, eyes, mouth, hands, breasts and genitals. It also included friendly or unfriendly features to be aware of, such as markings, tastes, fragrances, and sounds.
However, in a post-civilised world, what was previously and naturally accentuated, is often overlooked. Other things are now highlighted, such as artificial light and sounds, time, work, money, status, fame, fashion, unnatural food and drugs, inharmonious sounds and incoherent views, cosmetic and surgical enhancements, and screen technologies. Yet in a nod to the coherence and harmonising effects of nature, we have created artificial environments with plastic flowers, in-house aquariums and aviaries, with recorded sounds of nature. Obviously some of the inventions of humanity have helped us to progress. But the further removed we are from our accentuated primordial roots, the more likely we will create artificial variations that will probably make us sick and disconnected to life, each other, and even to ourselves.

© Aaron John Beth’el

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