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| Above And Below 1

Perception and interpretation are not above reality. Opinion or belief are not above truth. Speaking is not above listening. Acquired knowledge or intelligence are not above insightful awareness. Status or ambition are not above honour. Complexity is not necessarily above simplicity. Age is not above understanding or experience. Traditions, conformity, conditioning and convention are not above present-day awareness, and the innate freedom of the mind and soul. Political correctness is not above natural respect or responsibility. Busy-ness is not above being present. Holding on to anger or upset is sooner or later not above forgiveness. Fault-finding is not above kindness-finding. Being right is not above the sharing of insights and responsibility. Certainty is not necessarily above truth. Nationality and religion are not above humanity. Contempt and judgmentalness are not above compassion. Killing and violence are not above life. The past or future are not above the fullness of the present, and neither is time above presence. Destiny is not above free will, yet free will is not above the truth of reality. And civilisation is not necessarily above the coherence of nature.

© Aaron John Beth’el

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