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Have you ever wanted a manual or personal life assistant, that could wisely unearth what may be occurring in your own life, whilst having an overview of the bigger picture?

This is exactly what Wiser Day on Earth is…

Wiser Day on Earth is a personal life assistant. It will serve you with nearly 4000 insights concerning the challenges and inspirations that existence brings in the course of a human life.

We are confident that you will get to experience many ongoing aha’s with us.

At the end of the day, or at the end of a life, many of us come to realise that it is not the amount of material things, money, popularity and status that matters, but rather the meaning and purpose we glean from our experiences in life. Wiser Day on Earth can help with this understanding…

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Sample contemplations from Wiser Day on Earth

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Wiser Day on Earth can be used as...
  • A personal life assistant to inspire, as well as practically inform about meaning and purpose in life.
  • A coherent source of information regarding personal questions, challenges, emotions and so on.
  • An assistant to facilitate self-growth personally, as well as during retreats.
  • An education aide to encourage unique, independent thinking, rather than follow conventional approaches.
  • A primer for discussion and debate, whether in the home or in more public settings.
  • A counselling and client reference, for physical, mental and emotional issues, whether in-person or online.
  • A creativity primer.
  • A personal assistant for relationships, whether personal, spiritual, or environmental.
  • A source for brainstorming ideas and options in meetings, and for thinking outside of the box.
  • A practical philosophy and psychology aide.